Is it free?

Yes, the app is free, for climbers AND gyms.

What type of walls do you accept?

We accept training walls (also called Woodies, Splash Walls, System Walls) like these. We also accept symmetrical walls, Adjustable angles coming soon!

How does your grading system work?

Our grading system has been carefully designed to be as simple and as accurate as possible, to help you keep track of your progress. The climb setter can suggest an initial grade but if other climbers send the climb and suggest different grades, we will take their votes into account in the final computation of the grade you'll see. In practice, we display only these "smart crowd grades" since, in the end, community consensus is the only way to make a fair decision on grades.

Sure, grades can change a little bit over time, but the more you give your opinion about them, the faster they will settle down. Exactly like on real rock! So don't be shy: you help everyone in your gym when you add your grade!

How can I send feedback?

Since our app is brand new, we immensely value your feedback, please share all your ideas on how to improve Stōkt in the the app, directly from your profile screen.

Can I edit or delete a climb?

Yes, you can only delete a climb if nobody else has sent it. Coming soon, you’ll be able to edit the grade and name of your climb.

Why should I log my sends and attempts?

Stats are coming soon! Start logging your sends and attempts today! Know your strengths and weaknesses, pinpoint what you need to work on.


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